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****GPAT Ranks-2016****
1. Madhuri -72
2. Y.Vidya Srileka -279
3. Mamta Suresh-982
4. Yasmeen Begum-2055
5. T.Vaishnavi-2148
6. Siddhi Jain -2148
7. Himavarsha-2055
8. Ravalika.S-3111
9. M.Swapna-3702
10. Devaki-6137
************************************* *Campus Placements by "SIA Group of companies" at 3.00pm on 9th December 2015
*Orientation programe on 7th Oct 15 by Dr.B.R. Reddy gaaru from NATCO Pharm.Ltd.
*3rd INDO-US Conference on "Nanotechnology and Medicine :challenges and Future Opportunities". For more details and Registration. Download Form
*Inaugural Day by MNA Rao gaaru from Divis Laboratories

Welcome to RBVRR Women's College of Pharmacy

RBVRR was established in the year 2006 under Hyderabad Mahila Vidya Sangham to provide education to women students. The college is self-financed, approved by PCI and is affiliated to Osmania University.



Principal's Desk.

It gives me immense pleasure to be a founder principal to present before you a brief of our vision and efforts. Our institution is one of the leading institutions which have taken a leap forward in the quality professional education. The credit goes to outstanding reputation and dedication of our educational society (HMVS) for all these years. The vision of the institute is “To generate highly skilled and qualified women pharmacy professionals into the core of the health sector and contribute to social health and welfare”. To achieve this we have to develop this institution as a centre of academic excellence of higher learning in the field of pharmacy. All the efforts focused to provide a congenital environment of the entire team of the institute including administration personnel to educate and train girl students into competent professionals and mould them into confident women to succeed in their lives personal and professional towards the fulfillment of vision. Read More.....

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