Alumni Committee

The “RBVRR Women’s college of Pharmacy Alumni Association was (RBVRRWCPAA)” formed and registered in 2012. The association is formed to provide a forum for the alumni to interact & share the information. College is proud of its alumni who are spread all over the globe and made significant contributions to their organizations. The college is fortunate in having dedicated alumni who are generous in sparing their time and experience in promoting the college. College welcomes the assistance of those alumni willing to share their experiences with current students to provide the career guidance and mentor ship. Upon graduation from the college, each alumnus shall automatically be a member of RBVRRWCPAA.

  • RBVRRWCPAA provides a forum to establish a link between the college and its alumni and strives to strengthen the life long relationship between them
  • It enables the alumni to participate in activities which contribute to the general development of the institute.
  • It organizes alumni is actively involved in updating the alumni data/profile.
  • It provides and disseminates information regarding their alumni mater, faculties and students to the alumni.
  • It contributes towards the welfare of the alumni.

In order to create and maintain a friendly lasting contact among the alumni of RBVRRWCOP, all the alumni are requested to update the details in the database.