Mrs.B.Kusuma Pravallika

Name: B Kusuma Pravallika
Qualification: M. Pharm
Designation: Assistant professor
Experience: 5 years
Teaching Experience: 5 years
Industrial Experience:
Research Experience:
Research Experience:





  • Neeharika V, Latha K, Kusuma Pravallika B. “Evaluation of Borassus flabellifer Starch as a alternative tablet excipient to maize starch : Assesment by preformulation and formulation studies”, Published on web in Inventi Rapid: Novel Excipients Vol.2013, Issue1 [ISSN2278-408X] December 2012


  • Raju Manda*, Dr.R.Suthakaran, Virajaji Kavya, Bonagiri Sreedevi, Kusuma Pravallika. “Non-Ionic surfactant based vesicle ‘Niosome’ as an potenial occular drug delivery system” Published in World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences [ISSN2278-4357] 2014, Vol 3, Issue 11, 92-105 (If 2.786)


  • 1 Srinivas Reddy*, 2G. Babu, 3B. Kusuma Pravallika, 2R. Suthakaran, 1B. Naveen “Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Lansoprazole Colon Targeted Drug Delivery System” was Published in World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research [ISSN2278-4357]   2014, Vol 3, Issue 10, 437-449  (If 5.045)


  • Srinivas Reddy1, G. Babu2, R. Suthakaran2, R. Naren Kumar1, B. Kusuma Pravallika3. “Formulation and Evaluation of Eszopiclone Film Coated Immediate Release Tablets by Direct Compression Method” was published in IOSR (International Organization for Scientific Research) e-ISSN: 2278-3008, p-ISSN:2319-7676. Volume 9, Issue (Nov -Dec. 2014), PP 44-49.


  • Raju Manda*, Dr. R. Suthakaran, Bonagiri Sreedevi, Kusuma pravallika. “A Review: Ethosomes a Promising Tool for Transdermal Delivery of Drug” published in Journal of Pharma Research [ISSN:2319-5622] Nov 2014, vol 3 issue 11.
  • B. Kusuma Pravallika*, Dr. Sudha Parimala and Dr. M. Sumakanth. “A REVIEW ON NATURAL PESTICIDES” published in World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences [ISSN2278-4357]  Volume 6, Issue 9, 731-742



  • Certificate of participation in workshop on “Techniques and Instrument Applications in Pharmacy” organized by Ventura Research Labs in October 2009.


  • Participated in Innovative work shop on “Contemporary analytical techniques” in Teegala Ram Reddy college of pharmacy, Meerpet, Hyderabad held on 13th august 2014.


  • Participated and presented a paper entitled “Formulation and evaluation of Ketorolac tromethamine transdermal gels” at 66th Indian Pharmaceutical congress held at Hitex Hyderabad from 23rd to 25th January 2015.


  • Participated and presented poster on “Phytochemical characterization & evaluation of Plantago Ovata Mucilage as a Pharmaeutical Excipient” in the National seminar on “New aspects of heterocycle in medchem and chemical biology” organised by RBVRR womens Degree college on 19th & 20th February 2015.


  • Participated and presented a paper entitled “Evaluation of Boraasus flabellifer starch as an alternative tablet excipient to Maize starch: Assessment by preformulation and formulation studies” in two day 2nd national conference RIPE-2015 held at CPS, IST, JNT University, Hyderabad.


  • Participated and presented a paper entitled on “Studies on Mucilage from Hibiscus rosasinens as oral disintegrant” in one day National level symposium on “Emerging trends in drug design , discovery and development, held at Teegala Ram Reddy College of Pharmacy on 27th March 2015.


  • Participated in work shop on “Modern Pharmaceutical analytical techniques” held in Teegala Krishna Reddy college of pharmacy, Meerpet, Hyderabad held on 9th April 2015.


  • Participated and presented a paper entitled on ” Design and evaluation of fast dissolving tablets of Levocetrizine dihydrochloride using synthetic and natural superdisintegrants ” in one day National conference on “Drug Innovation and Discoveries: Inquistive Technologies”, held at Palamuru University on 10th April 2015 .
Life time member of APTI