Following acts and rules are adopted as guidelines for procedures, recruitment, promotional policies, code of conduct issued from time to time by the regulatory bodies:

  • AICTE Norms
  • Rules for Affiliation by Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • All other applicable state/central government rules/regulations
  • Rules and By-laws of Society
  • Norms of Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)

Recruitment for Teaching Staff

Cadre Structure:

  • Principal
    • Professor
    • Associate Professor
    • Assistant Professors

Qualifications: Faculty is recruited based on the qualifications prescribed by the regulatory authority from time to time.

Mode of Selection of Teaching Staff: Direct recruitment to all cadres is based strictly on merit. Invariably in almost all cases, the following procedure is followed:

  1. Advertisements are issued in leading newspapers, Osmania University website and the college website.
  2. Applications are scrutinized after the receipt of application.
  3. The scrutinized applications along with relevant documents are forwarded to the member selection committee nominated by the Osmania University.
  4. The Registrar, Osmania University appoints one subject experts for the posts of assistant professors, two subject experts for the post of associate professors.
  5. For the appointment of professors, the Vice Chancellor, Osmania University, is the chairman of the Selection Board and three subject experts are appointed.
  6. Call letters are sent to eligible candidates, for attending interviews specifying place, date and time of interview.
  7. Selection Committee  recommends candidates based on their performance during interviews.
  8. Appointment orders are issued by the secretary of the college to the recommended candidates.

Sometimes, depending on emergency/exigencies of the situation, and hoc appointments are made on temporary basis for specified periods, subject to approval of pending of staff.

Selection Committee for Assistant professors

  1. Secretary of R.B.V.R.R. Society is the chairman of the selection committee
  2. One subject expert . (Nominated by University)
  3. OU Nominee on Selection Committee
  4. Principal

Selection Committee for Associate professors

  1. Dean, Osmania University is the chairman of the selection committee
  2. Two subject experts (Nominated by University)
  3. OU Nominee on Selection Committee
  4. Principal

Selection Committee for Professors

  1. Vice chancellor, Osmania University is the chairman of the Selection committee
  2. Three expert Members (Nominated by University)

Recruitment for Non-Teaching Staff

Cadre Structure

  • Office
    1. Administrative Officer (Graduate with experience)
    2. Senior Assistant (Graduate with experience)
    3. Junior Assistant (Graduate)
    4. Attender (SSC or Intermediate)
  • Laboratories (other than computer Labs)
    1. Lab Technician (Diploma in Pharmacy / DMLT / B.Sc.)
      • Lab Attender (SSC or Intermediate)
  • Computer Labs
    1. System Administrator
    2. Lab Technician (Graduate with experience)

Qualifications: Non-teaching staff are recruited based on the qualifications prescribed by the State Government.

Mode of Selection of Non – Teaching Staff: All positions are advertised in the news papers or notified in the local notice boards. After scrutiny of received applications, call letters are sent to eligible candidates to appear for personal interview.
All appointments (Teaching and Non-teaching staff) made after selection, are forwarded to the Chairman for approval and to the Governing Body.

Promotion Policy for Teaching Staff

  • Time bond promotions are given to teaching staff.
  • Higher posts such as Professor and Associate Professor are offered through selection committee constituted by the Registrar, Osmania University.

Promotion Policy for Non-Teaching Staff

  • Time bound promotions are given to Non-Teaching Staff.
  • Promotion to higher post through selection procedure.