Mini Projects

Pharmaceutical Analysis

Title of the project
Stability indicating studies of Moxifloxacin using UV-Visible Spectrophotometer and its assay
Method development and validation of Oseltamavir using UV-Visible Spectrophotometer along with stress studies
Solution stability studies of Bosentan using UV-Visble spectrophotometer and its assay
Method Development and validation of Ezetimibe using Uv-Visible Spectrophotometer along with stress studies


Title of the project
Comparative Invitro evaluation of five different brands of Itraconazole capsules
Development of orodispersible tablets using banana powder
comparative Invitro dissolution studies of repaglinide IR tablets
Preparation of curcumin nano particles and comparison of anti bacterial activity
Detection and evaluation of material yellow in various brands of turmeric powder


Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Title of the project
Synthesis of 4-arylidine oxazolones by mechano chemistry
structure based virtual screen and molecular toxicity prediction of some novel DHPS inhibitors
Design ,synthesis ,characterization of novel coumarin hetero cyclics as analgesics and anti inflammatory agents
Synthesis and biological evaluation of indole -2-oxadiazole derivatives
Synthesis and anti microbial activity of some novel 2-(Furanyl)-2,3 dihydro-4-H-chromen-4-one